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Gratitude is the key to happiness and joy. By welcoming the present moment we appreciate life as a gift. If we are not grateful, then no matter how much we have can make us happy, as we will always want more or something else. Being grateful makes our life meaningful.

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Widerstand macht den Schmerz zum Leid. Es ist schmerzhaft, mit Zorn, Angst und Hoffnungslosigkeit am Leid festzuhalten. Wir lassen los, lösen alle Spannungen auf. Nach der Meditation ist es empfehlenswert, zur Beobachtung des Atems zurückkehren, bis sich der Bauch und der Atem entspannt haben.
(nach Stephen Levine)

Softening Pain

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There is no rush to healing. To avoid getting lost in aversion we approach pain slowly and with an open mind. Curiosity allows us to welcome what is there, one step at a time. By receiving each sensation with loving kindness, we can feel compassion with our suffering.

This guided meditation was written in 1991 by Stephen Levine.
Thanks to (c) Ondrea Levine, and to Dale Borglum. www.livingdying.org

Pause And Breathe

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The pause between the in- and the out-breath is a moment of silence and calm. It suspends the thinking and doing mode, allowing us to just be and to restore our energy. Calming and clearing your mind enables you to approach the task at hand with ease and freshness.


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In dieser Meditation werden wir bewusst, was im Augenblick geschieht. Wir entspannen tief, öffnen uns und heißen alles willkommen.

Mind Training Meditations werden produziert von WE ARE PRODUCERS.
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