Pause And Breathe

The pause between the in- and the out-breath is a moment of silence and calm. It suspends the thinking and doing mode, allowing us to just be and to restore our energy. Calming and clearing your mind enables you to approach the task at hand with ease and freshness.

Die kleine Pause

Diese Atemmeditation wirkt entschleunigend und schenkt einen Hauch von Entspannung, Frieden und Freiheit.


In dieser Meditation werden wir bewusst, was im Augenblick geschieht. Wir entspannen tief, öffnen uns und heißen alles willkommen.

Enjoy The Moment By Just Being

This guided meditation will ease your mind and body into the peace of “just being”. By encouraging deep relaxation through mindfulness, you can step out of the busy doing mode. Relaxing into the here and now allows a mindful sense of your authentic self to arise.

Chocolate Meditation

Mindful eating means connecting with your senses. Without distraction we enjoy more intensely. We will touch, smell and taste a piece of chocolate at length. Notice that whenever you are caught in thoughts or memories, the taste disappears. Welcome the distraction, and return to tasting. Enjoy!


Achtsam zu essen, bedeutet sich mit den Sinnen zu verbinden. Ohne Ablenkung genießen wir intensiver. Wir berühren, riechen und schmecken ein Stückchen Schokolade ausgiebig.

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