The Cat that Walked by Herself

Long, long ago the Woman was able to tame the Man and to tame the Wild Dog, Horse, and Cow, and how the Wild Cat, the wildest of all the wild animals, remains independent to this very day. This bedtime story, written by Rudyard Kipling, was published in 1902 as a part of the “Just So Stories” together with his illustration.

Setting Boundaries – A Contemplation

Fierce compasion uses anger to motivate us to transform the negative into the positive. By saying “No”, we can stand up for our values and set clear boundaries, thus maintaining respect for ourselves and others. It allows self-confidence arise within us.

Grenzen setzen – eine Kontemplation

Zornvolles Mitgefühl nutzt Wut, um uns zu motivieren, das Negative in das Positive zu verwandeln. Indem wir „Nein“ sagen, wenn wir es meinen, treten wir für unsere Werte ein. Indem wir klare Grenzen setzen, respektieren wir uns und andere. Diese Entschiedenheit lässt Selbstvertrauen in uns entstehen.

It Takes Courage

Thoughts and stories that arise from fear usually keep you in fear and anxiety. By letting go, we can open up to our true nature, a boundless, open mind, that knows neither fear nor limitations. A key is to allow yourself to feel the emotions as they appear, so they can gently dissolve into the light of the open, welcoming consciousness.

Mutig handeln

Gedanken und Geschichten, die aus Angst entstehen, können uns in Angst und Unruhe alten. Indem wir loslassen, können wir uns unserer wahren Natur öffnen, einem grenzenlosen, offenen Geist, der weder Angst noch Einschränkungen kennt. Ein Schlüssel ist es, sich zu erlauben, die Emotionen zu fühlen, so wie sie erscheinen, damit sie sich sanft im Licht des offenen, einladenden Bewusstseins auflösen können.

The Next Step

Everything is changing and the inner critic’s voice is loud. By accepting that nothing really fulfilling is going to come from within our comfort zones, we can step out of them. This is scary but worthwhile. You are both an individual and a part of the whole. The world sees you when you see yourself first. Connection and love are the foundation of your next step.

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