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The Comforting Touch

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We have experienced events that seem physically and mentally overwhelming. Even if they occurred long ago, our body still reacts as if it were happening right now. By mindfully touching the body, we learn to calm ourselves and experience inner peace. We are taking care of ourselves. Inspired by Bessel van der Kolk.

There is a body

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Feeling the body helps us to relax. We are aware of everything that arises in it. We can observe the breath, sounds and sensations coming and going. By welcoming everything our mind remains balanced. There is nothing to achieve or any struggle. We are simply aware, welcoming every experience that arises in the body.

Eye meditation

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Our eyes offer us a paradise of shapes and colours. In this meditation, we feel grateful for this and allow them to rest deeply. By directing our attention mindfully we experience how the eyes, the face, the whole body and finally the mind relaxes. Everything may be as it is.

You are Love – A Yoga Nidra Meditation

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Many people are searching for something to make them feel whole. However, in meeting the depth of our being we can recognise that we are already complete. We are love and always aware. With this insight, we can start a profound transformation.

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Surrendering – A Key to Satisfaction

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By letting go of thoughts and concepts, we can bond with the clear and creative energy of our awareness. The mind’s openness is its empty nature, where we can only surrener, as there is nothing to hold on to. By trusting and letting go, we connect with the source of cognition, compassion and joy.


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By letting everything be as it is, we can open ourselves to the fullness of the moment. We experience the activities of our mind as a manifestation of its luminous nature. In this wide field we feel confindence, love and trust.

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