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Developing Trust

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Emotional pain blocks our compassion. To escape these feelings we flee into distraction. In order to open ourselves, we must become aware not only of our vulnerability, but also of our goodness of heart. Trust arises when we trust ourselves. This is also the key to our love, to being connected with others, to creativity and to trusting others.

Just Stop

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We often get caught up in the movements of our mind, overthinking, being overly ambitious and judgemental. This is the moment to JUST STOP, to take time out, to feel empty and light. By stopping and letting go, we can just be and allow joy to arise.

Finding Peace Within Yourself

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Happiness is based on inner peace and solidity. This meditation helps us to achieve the desired peace of mind and body by resting as a pebble on the riverbed. When we are at peace with ourselves, we can approach others and really help them. This meditation is based on the pebble meditation of Thich Nath Hanh.

Frieden mit sich selbst schließen

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Echtes Glück basiert auf innerem Frieden. Wenn wir mit uns selbst Frieden schließen, können wir auf andere zugehen und ihnen wirklich eine Hilfe sein. Diese Kieselstein-Meditation verhilft uns zu der ersehnten Ruhe von Geist und Körper.

Conscious Grounded Present

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Awareness is the basis of all experience. After moving our attention from thinking into our body, we open up to our awareness of hearing. Recognising the present moment, the here and now, helps us to understand where our true home is.

A Moment of Awareness

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Between two moments of thought there is a brief pause. Recognising this gap in the habitual stream of thinking allows you to experience silence, movement and consciousness together. Find the gap between the thoughts to let go of habits and suffering. Become aware of the quiet, clear expanse in the gap. The mind is empty, without form, clear, without obstacles, and always aware.

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