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In Harmony With Myself – Yoga Nidra


We can shape our lives by changing our thoughts. Rather than reacting impulsively, we can enable our entire being to ease into experiencing joy, peace, and serenity. Intention serves as a guiding light toward a life-affirming path that our minds can embrace. It aids us in releasing the grip of beliefs and behaviors that color our perceptions. Inspired by Liam Gillen.

Evening Meditation


This guided meditation helps to relax both body and mind. It grounds you in the here and now, encouraging you to reflect on your day with a sense of calm and serenity. It invites you to set intentions for yourself, others, and the world.

Have a wonderful day


To capture—or recapture—the stillness of that first moment of wakefulness this short guided meditation focuses on clarity, stability, and presence. You can listen to this morning meditation while still in bed or anytime you’re looking to center yourself in the present and find some clarity and stability.

Compassion For Ourselves And Others


Compassion is important for our happiness, health, and relationships. It enables us to respond to suffering with understanding, patience, and kindness. Self-compassion means treating ourselves with understanding in difficult times.

Discover The Space Within You


To feel ourselves fully, we sense the emotional and sensory perceptions in the body. We inhabit it and can accept ourselves as we are. When we connect with the space around us, we can interact with others without losing ourselves. It feels like coming home.

The Comforting Touch


We have experienced events that seem physically and mentally overwhelming. Even if they occurred long ago, our body still reacts as if it were happening right now. By mindfully touching the body, we learn to calm ourselves and experience inner peace. We are taking care of ourselves. Inspired by Bessel van der Kolk.

Mind Training Meditations are produced by WE ARE PRODUCERS.
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