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Six Minutes of Compassion 2023


Compassion helps us to accept others as they are. When we are angry with someone, we are reacting to the memory of something that we feel was done to us. If we can meet difficult people with compassion, they absorb our minds less.

There is a body


Feeling the body helps us to relax. We are aware of everything that arises in it. We can observe the breath, sounds and sensations coming and going. By welcoming everything our mind remains balanced. There is nothing to achieve or any struggle. We are simply aware, welcoming every experience that arises in the body.

Listening Deeply


When we listen deeply, we hear sounds, music, our own voice, and others attentively. We receive them as they are, without interpreting. If our minds are distracted or reactive, we can neither hear ourselves nor others. Deep listening means being open and to respect what we hear with both compassion and kindness. By hearing with clarity and without judgment we open up and experience what it means to be present.

Welcoming The Unknown


Stories stimulate us in ways that pure facts do not. They create our reality. Fear of the unknown is such a story that we tell ourselves. It seeks validation. That can reinforce our fear, making us feel helpless and overwhelmed. However, once we realize that fear is a story that appears in consciousness, we can begin to let go of the negative spiral, discovering the love that we really are.

Eye meditation


Our eyes offer us a paradise of shapes and colours. In this meditation, we feel grateful for this and allow them to rest deeply. By directing our attention mindfully we experience how the eyes, the face, the whole body and finally the mind relaxes. Everything may be as it is.

The Zeppelin Voyage – a journey to yourself


Join us on an imaginary journey in a Zeppelin. You are the pilot, travelling on the path of your life from birth via the present into the future. It will help to to realise that you are never alone. We invite you to feel safe, comfortable and in control of your life at all times. Just allow images and themes of the individual life phases „pop up“ spontaneously, to discover and become aware of the life themes on a meta-level. Not recommended for people suffering from trauma.

Mind Training Meditations are produced by WE ARE PRODUCERS.
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