Surrendering – A Key to Satisfaction

By letting go of thoughts and concepts, we can bond with the clear and creative energy of our awareness. The mind’s openness is its empty nature, where we can only surrener, as there is nothing to hold on to. By trusting and letting go, we connect with the source of cognition, compassion and joy.


By letting everything be as it is, we can open ourselves to the fullness of the moment. We experience the activities of our mind as a manifestation of its luminous nature. In this wide field we feel confindence, love and trust.

Clarity in five Minutes

Our constantly changing thoughts and feelings distract us. By connecting with the timeless consciousness, we can open our mind and relax. Then we direct our attention to focus on what is important to us.

Healing the lonesome heart

We cannot ignore loneliness.
If we feel lonely and separated, we have forgotten that we are part of the whole.
If we embrace loneliness with loving awareness, we can overcome the pain of feeling separated.
Then we both feel connected to others and can enjoy our own company.

Aura Lea and the Reluctant Dragon

A children’s story written by Kenneth Grahame in 1898, and the song Aura Lea published in 1861 by Fosdick and Poulton. Adapted and read by Gerald Blomeyer, piano by Lázara Cachao.

The young girl Aura Lea discovers a song-loving dragon living in the grassy hills above her home. The two become friends. When the dragon is discovered by the villagers, they send for St George to rid them of it. The girl introduces St George to the dragon. They decide that St George harmlessly spears the dragon. St George then proclaims that it has been tamed, and the people accept the dragon. Aura has gained self-confidence and trust in life.

The Cat that Walked by Herself

Long, long ago the Woman was able to tame the Man and to tame the Wild Dog, Horse, and Cow, and how the Wild Cat, the wildest of all the wild animals, remains independent to this very day. This bedtime story, written by Rudyard Kipling, was published in 1902 as a part of the “Just So Stories” together with his illustration.

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