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Being Curious


Curiosity strengthens our attention, enabling change and development. By asking “What is this?“ we are not looking for an answer. We are just open to what is happening when we think and experience. We feel no need to know or judge anything. Questioning changes the quality of how we perceive ourselves and the world.

From A Broken Heart To True Love


Ariadne is the mistress of the labyrinth. She accompanies us on the journey through life from birth to spiritual awakening. She saves the future king of Athens, Theseus, by leading him out of a labyrinth. When he deserts her, she is heartbroken. By connecting with Mother Earth she transforms her pain, recognizing the divine feminine and love as her true home.

written and read by Gerald Blomeyer and Jocelyn B. Smith
musical concept by Volker Holly Schlott (ViktoriaMusicBerlin)
Photo: NASA

Ariadne: The Making Of A Goddess (Bedtime Story)


In Greek mythology the beautiful princess Ariadne saves Theseus on the island of Crete by guiding him out of a labyrinth with a thread. When he abandons her, she transforms herself and ends up marrying the God Dionysos. This story is about heart- break, true love and trust in relationships. And, when things turn sour, whether we should continue holding on to what is lost or let go?

Inner Child Meditation


In this meditation we aim to get in touch with and appreciate the life force of our inner child.
By accepting all of its aspects, both positive and negative, we can appreciate and love ourselves.
However, as there is always more than one way of looking at an experience, we want to reinterpret the negative aspects positively.
It can help us to dissolve the relationships with those that are not good for us.

Psyche – The Legend Of A Girl Who Became A Goddess


The great heroine of Greek mythology is Psyche, whose name means „soul“. The Latin writer Lucius Apuleius told her story in the novel „The Golden Ass“. Her challenging adventures and her marriage to Cupid, the God of Love, is a relationship that begins in darkness and ends in joy.

Taming Your Inner Critic


Criticism can be constructive. In comparison, however, the judgemental voice of the inner critic condemns everything we do. What ever happened becomes a personal fault or a failure. Believing this voice ensnares us and is depressing, separating us from the people we love. By changing the perspective from the narrow thinking mind to wide open consciousness, self-criticism can no longer affect us. Instead of seeing the world and ourselves full of flaws, we can appreciate life and feel connected to everything.

Mind Training Meditations are produced by WE ARE PRODUCERS.
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