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Deep Resting


A body scan naturally helps us to let go of thinking and encourages us to deeply relax. This podcast gently guides us from the physical to our subtle body and into sleep. With thanks to Steven Levine.



Emotional pain blocks our compassion. Trusting starts when we trust ourselves. This is also the key to loving ourselves, our connection with others, and our creativity.

Welcome Everything


Meditation is about letting go of control. Concentration is a discipline, a way of controlling our experience. Meditation is about letting be and welcoming everything as it is.

Six Minutes of Compassion 2023


Compassion helps us to accept others as they are. When we are angry with someone, we are reacting to the memory of something that we feel was done to us. If we can meet difficult people with compassion, they absorb our minds less.

There is a body


Feeling the body helps us to relax. We are aware of everything that arises in it. We can observe the breath, sounds and sensations coming and going. By welcoming everything our mind remains balanced. There is nothing to achieve or any struggle. We are simply aware, welcoming every experience that arises in the body.

Mind Training Meditations are produced by WE ARE PRODUCERS.
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