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The Zeppelin Voyage – a journey to yourself


Join us on an imaginary journey in a Zeppelin. You are the pilot, travelling on the path of your life from birth via the present into the future. It will help to to realise that you are never alone. We invite you to feel safe, comfortable and in control of your life at all times. Just allow images and themes of the individual life phases „pop up“ spontaneously, to discover and become aware of the life themes on a meta-level. Not recommended for people suffering from trauma.

Directing My Life


This imaginative journey takes you to a film studio where you are both directing and starring in a film about your life. There you will meet and maybe even integrate your inner critic. The journey invites you to feel safe, comfortable, and to take control of your life.

Countdown to Calm


Let go of your worries by focusing on the present moment. Counting down is a short and helpful way to reduce feelings of anxiety and other unwanted emotions or thoughts. It helps to ground, quiet, settle and calm you.

Being Curious


Curiosity strengthens our attention, enabling change and development. By asking “What is this?“ we are not looking for an answer. We are just open to what is happening when we think and experience. We feel no need to know or judge anything. Questioning changes the quality of how we perceive ourselves and the world.

From A Broken Heart To True Love


Ariadne is the mistress of the labyrinth. She accompanies us on the journey through life from birth to spiritual awakening. She saves the future king of Athens, Theseus, by leading him out of a labyrinth. When he deserts her, she is heartbroken. By connecting with Mother Earth she transforms her pain, recognizing the divine feminine and love as her true home.

written and read by Gerald Blomeyer and Jocelyn B. Smith
musical concept by Volker Holly Schlott (ViktoriaMusicBerlin)
Photo: NASA

Ariadne: The Making Of A Goddess (Bedtime Story)


In Greek mythology the beautiful princess Ariadne saves Theseus on the island of Crete by guiding him out of a labyrinth with a thread. When he abandons her, she transforms herself and ends up marrying the God Dionysos. This story is about heart- break, true love and trust in relationships. And, when things turn sour, whether we should continue holding on to what is lost or let go?

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