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Compassion For Ourselves And Others

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Compassion is important for our happiness, health, and relationships. It enables us to respond to suffering with understanding, patience, and kindness. Self-compassion means treating ourselves with understanding in difficult times.

Contemplating Shame With Self-Compassion

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In this contemplation, we aim to allow difficult emotions to surface. By asking questions we confront shame. We can embrace our imperfections with self- compassion. Without reacting or judging, we can open our hearts, acknowledge or even accept our shame, by trusting in our inner goodness.

Inner Child – a Yoga Nidra Meditation

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Relaxing our mind helps to relax the body. Every smile softens the muscles of the face and helps calm the nervous system. By letting go for just a short while, you will experience trust, more physical energy and mental clarity. Relaxing is also an exercise in self-compassion. Being in touch with the joys of childhood can help in challenging times.


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Emotional pain blocks our compassion. Trusting starts when we trust ourselves. This is also the key to loving ourselves, our connection with others, and our creativity.

Six Minutes of Compassion 2023

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Compassion helps us to accept others as they are. When we are angry with someone, we are reacting to the memory of something that we feel was done to us. If we can meet difficult people with compassion, they absorb our minds less.

Compassion – The Light of Love

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Loving starts by accepting ourselves as we are, including our suffering and our happiness at the same time. Taking care of ourselves, gives us the self-confidence to share our love and light with others, and welcome them sharing theirs with us. This is a powerful way to increase peace, happiness and healing in us and in the world.

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