Setting Boundaries – A Contemplation

Fierce compasion uses anger to motivate us to transform the negative into the positive. By saying “No”, we can stand up for our values and set clear boundaries, thus maintaining respect for ourselves and others. It allows self-confidence arise within us.

The Heart – A Portal To Our True Nature

Seeing the world through the eyes of the heart, you experience your true nature. This guided meditation is a journey into the depth of your consciousness, allowing you to feel relaxed, open and aware. It was inspired by Geshe Michael Roach.

Happiness Lies Within

We can only hear a sound or silence because of our awareness. As the sound passes, the knowing of it remains. The nature of awareness is distinct from its sensory and mental contents. Happiness is inseparable from understanding of consciousness.

The Compassionate Heartbeat

This meditation contains sounds of a heartbeat.
Connecting our breath with our heartbeat has a deeply calming effect on body and mind. We synchronise the rhythm of five beats with our inhalation and exhalation. We feel compassion for ourselves and with the world.

Being Courageous, Overcoming Fear

We experience fear as worry or doubt. On the basis of peace, clarity and compassion we can transform it into courageous actions. Courage is the key to enjoying life.

Contemplation On Surrendering To Love

Our true nature is love. However, usually at an early age, some thing happened that caused us to feel inadequate and lonely. Naming and judging separated us from the truth of who we are, making us feel fearful. By surrendering, we can understand that we are the love we are looking for.

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