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Happiness Lies Within

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We can only hear a sound or silence because of our awareness. As the sound passes, the knowing of it remains. The nature of awareness is distinct from its sensory and mental contents. Happiness is inseparable from understanding of consciousness.

The Compassionate Heartbeat

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This meditation contains sounds of a heartbeat.
Connecting our breath with our heartbeat has a deeply calming effect on body and mind. We synchronise the rhythm of five beats with our inhalation and exhalation. We feel compassion for ourselves and with the world.

Contemplation On Surrendering To Love

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Our true nature is love. However, usually at an early age, some thing happened that caused us to feel inadequate and lonely. Naming and judging separated us from the truth of who we are, making us feel fearful. By surrendering, we can understand that we are the love we are looking for.

Sharing compassion

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Compassion is a quality of the heart. This loving quality remains with us, regardless of what we do. By embracing ourselves and all other beings, we cultivate compassion and loving kindness. By sharing our compassion, we feel balanced and strengthened.

Der Liebe einen Ausdruck geben

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Wir lassen uns auf die Weite und Stille des Bewusstseins ein, spüren Akzeptanz und die Liebe. Liebe bewertet nicht. Sie heißt alles, was erscheint, willkommen.
Sie ist weit, offen, vergebend. Wir lächeln vom Herzen das Licht der liebenden Güte aus, mit dem Wunsch die Welt zu bereichern.

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