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Basics of Meditation

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Meditation is a practice to become aware of awareness. Awareness is the field of presence in which ordinary consciousness appears. Our thoughts inhibit our awareness by identifying with our loneliness, worries or low self-esteem. A stability of awareness allows us to look at any experience with equanimity.


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Gratitude is the key to happiness and joy. By welcoming the present moment we appreciate life as a gift. If we are not grateful, then no matter how much we have can make us happy, as we will always want more or something else. Being grateful makes our life meaningful.

Pause And Breathe

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The pause between the in- and the out-breath is a moment of silence and calm. It suspends the thinking and doing mode, allowing us to just be and to restore our energy. Calming and clearing your mind enables you to approach the task at hand with ease and freshness.

Intentions Get Things Done

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The meditation has two parts:
A) Attention is a movement of the mind. It moves about on its own, registering sounds and sensations without becoming involved. We direct it with intentions and desires.
B) By setting an intention we focus on what we want to experience in the future. It helps us to hold what is most important to us in the present moment. Intentions get things done.

Just Stop

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We often get caught up in the movements of our mind, overthinking, being overly ambitious and judgemental. This is the moment to JUST STOP, to take time out, to feel empty and light. By stopping and letting go, we can just be and allow joy to arise.

Opening to Stillness

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Looking at objects with a narrow or an open focus encourages you to consciously move from a doing mode to feeling open, silent and available. When we look at objects with central vision we concentrate, name and judge. This makes us feel tight and separate. Looking at the same object as part of the background allows a feeling of openness and connection to arise. The same applies to listening with a narrow or a diffused focus. This meditation encourages you to consciously move from a doing mode to being open, silent and available without effort.

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