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Sharing compassion

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Compassion is a quality of the heart. This loving quality remains with us, regardless of what we do. By embracing ourselves and all other beings, we cultivate compassion and loving kindness. By sharing our compassion, we feel balanced and strengthened.

Der Angst begegnen

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Wenn du angstfrei leben willst, musst du zuerst lernen, die Angst willkommen zu heißen. Nur das, was du vollständig zulässt, kann dich in einen Zustand des Friedens bringen.

Meeting Fear

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If you want to live without fear, you must first learn to welcome it. Only what you allow completely can bring you into a state of peace. Awareness is prior to every experience. Notice the difference between what you experience and being aware of what you experience. Become aware that you are not your fear, you are aware of your fear.

Floating Freely (Yoga Nidra)

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In Yoga Nidra we relax our body and mind deeply. The inwardly directed clarity allows stress and belief patterns to be released. We experience our inherent source, and a feeling of being balanced, centred and calm.

Gelassen in den Tiefschlaf

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Es kann viele Gründe geben, warum wir nicht einschlafen können. Durch die Verbindung mit dem Körper lassen wir das Denken los. Die tief entspannende Praxis des Yoga Nidra den Schlaf fördert auf natürliche Weise. Der Podcast führt dich sanft zu deiner Quelle und in den Schlaf.

Hauptvorteil: Tiefes Einschlafen

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