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Balancing Being and Doing

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We are both connected with everything that is, and an independent individual. In this insightful and comforting practice, we will surrender into the state of merely being, and engage in a practice of open awareness. In this practice, we will learn to move at will between being wide open to all that is around us, and becoming grounded within, harnessing a strong inner focus.
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Klarheit durch Loslassen

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Das Herz lässt die Geschichten und Ängste des Geistes zu, ohne an sie zu glauben oder sie erfüllen zu müssen. Die innewohnende Stille ist die grundlegende Güte, unsere ursprüngliche Natur.
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Letting Go into Clarity

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By relying on thinking, we experience ourselves as being separate from others. By feeling the stillness in your heart you can experience “just being”, a spacious, timeless field connecting everything. It allows all the stories and ideas, the fantasies and fears to be present, without having to follow them. Surrendering to this inherent peace is letting go into clarity.
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