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Opening to Love

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Awareness and love appear together. When you smile from your heart, thinking decreases and love spreads. Love does not judge. It welcomes everything that appears. For a moment just be the vastness and silence. Smile light-rays of loving kindness from your heart to the world around you.


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Mit dem Atem kommen wir vom Kopf in den Körper und entlassen alle Spannungen. Anschließend visualisieren wir Licht, das über den Körper und durch den Körper fließt. Das hilft Ängste und Sorgen loszulassen und schafft eine Basis für Selbstvertrauen und Wohlbefinden.

Light Meditation For All Ages

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First we relax body and mind with the breath. This is followed by the visualisation of light. The light flows over and through the body helping to let go of worries and fears. The deep relaxation lowers stress and anxiety creating a basis for self-confidence.

Des Augenblicks gewahr sein

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Zwischen zwei Gedanken gibt es eine kurze Pause. Wer diese Lücke im gewohnten Denkfluss entdeckt, kann gleichzeitig Stille, Bewegung und das Bewusstsein erleben. In der Lücke zwischen den Gedanken kannst du Gewohnheiten und Leiden loslassen. Werde dir der ruhigen, klaren Weite in der Lücke bewusst. Das Bewusstsein ist leer, ohne Form, klar, ohne Hindernisse und immer erkennend.

A Moment of Awareness

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Between two moments of thought there is a brief pause. Recognising this gap in the habitual stream of thinking allows you to experience silence, movement and consciousness together. Find the gap between the thoughts to let go of habits and suffering. Become aware of the quiet, clear expanse in the gap. The mind is empty, without form, clear, without obstacles, and always aware.

Smiling is an Act of Compassion

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Smiling is a way to send loving energy to yourself or to someone else. We can smile at someone with our face. But we can also smile the feeling of love from our heart. Energy follows attention. Wherever we smile, loving energy follows. This is also true for the thoughts that determine our feelings and for the feelings that trigger our actions. Loving energy stimulates healing energy.

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