Change is normal

Everything changes. Standing still is an illusion. Getting to know ourselves and the world takes a lifetime. Our task is to find answers to the questions that arise. I’ll support you as a kind of travel companion, in dialogue and with meditation. Together we’ll define fulfilling next steps.

Introspection and self-knowledge

To understand your situation, I’ll open a space, listen deeply and go into dynamic resonance. In this way, obstacles become visible, but also the ways to overcome them. It is like opening a treasure chest. As we marvel together, profound processes are triggered within. New perspectives open up, old goals appear in a new light. In dialogue, the next steps for the unfolding of your potential emerge. This is possible in individual conversations as well as in groups. It is about grasping the dynamics and patterns intuitively.

Living experience has power

What we directly perceive, feel and experience is significant. It is this profound experience that enables us to change our behaviour. We each decide for ourselves which aspects to change. By looking at our ways of thinking together, we can also make all the traps visible that slow you down. In the process, we’ll practise „storytelling“ for your own sake. What captivates us personally and emotionally stimulates our mind more intensively than mere facts.

People love clarity

Everything changes, all the time. The curves, loops and snags that occur along the way are to be recognised, even celebrated. Sometimes we fail to achieve goals, sometimes they contradict each other. Then it is important to see our lives with fresh eyes. Those who change deeply can feel vulnerable and afraid. But only those who see clearly can stand up for their own needs. Those who succeed in finding this clarity walk their path that becomes visible in dialogue. I would be happy to accompany you on this journey.

Photo Holger Hertling

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