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Letting Go Into Clarity – a meditation intensive in English, March 8+9 2019

The future is less and less predictable. We’re under pressure and stressed, constantly chasing contradictory thoughts and feelings in our mind. With meditation and mindfulness we learn to be aware of the present moment, to be open and completely relaxed. This isn’t something we attain, but a constant process of letting go and being present.
This weekend we’ll be practicing four types of meditation: breathing (shamatha), insight (vipassana), non-meditation (awareness), and compassion. Each of these contributes to experiencing our true nature directly, the silence, the awareness that is always there, always healing and knowing. This is the source of trust and healing.

Furthermore we’ll “feed our demons”, a compassion meditation integrating the positive energies of your disowned self.
The meditations encourage us to directly access the „self“ in our daily lives. We learn to relieve the parts of the psyche that feel alienated, anxious or hurt, and welcome them with respect and compassion. This helps to balance the parts of us that feel hurt and overwhelmed.
Meditation starts with compassion for ourselves. This allows us to be more open and sensitive to ourselves and others, more curious, appreciative and less judgemental. Meditation reduces stress and increases well-being.
The course offers contents of the Buddhist world view, current insights from brain research and psychology as well as exercises, meditations, discussion and yoga.

Gerald Blomeyer
Thirty years ago, I started Buddhist meditation and studied and practiced Tibetan Buddhism. Professionally, I taught at universities for ten years and ran my own PR agency for 17 years. For eight years I lived in India and Nepal to study Buddhism with great masters and to help with the NGO Alice Project School in Sarnath. For two years I taught meditation at the Buddhist Meditation Center in Pokhara ( to people from all over the world on a daily basis as well as the basics of Buddhism at the weekend courses.
After returning to Berlin five years ago, I’ve been teaching meditation and Reiki, as well as courses on mindfulness as a leadership principle.

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