Non-Meditation means consciously letting go of our attention to objects, allowing awareness to sink back into its source, allowing everything to be as its is. We just acknowledge without interfering or expectation. It is about being, not doing: We don’t do meditation, we are meditation.

If your mind relies on a shifting world of praise and blame, you will continue to break your heart and feel challenged. Know who you are allows you to accept negative feedback without getting in a narcissistic fit of anger. The cognizant, radiant nature of mind may be obscured by thoughts and emotions but it is never tainted.

The lay-disciple Atula goes to see Revata, who speaks not, Sāriputta, who speaks at length, and Ānanda who speaks moderately; but he is upset with them all. Finally he goes to the Buddha who explains it thus.
255. This is something of old, Atula, This is not something of today: They blame the one who sits silent, They blame the one who talks a lot, And one who talks moderately, There is no one who is not blamed.
256. There was not and there will not be, And at present there is not found Someone totally blameworthy, Or one totally praiseworthy.
Image (c) Rainer Milzkott 2017

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