NEW | Opening to Stillness

von Gerald Blomeyer | 10:46 | When we look at objects with central vision we concentrate, name and judge. This makes us feel tight and separate. Looking at the same object as part of the background allows a feeling of openness and connection to arise. The same applies to listening with a narrow or a diffused focus. This meditation encourages you to consciously move from a doing mode to being open, silent and available without effort.

A Moment Of Awareness

von Gerald Blomeyer | 10:46 | Between two moments of thought there is a brief pause. Recognising this gap in the habitual stream of thinking allows you to experience silence, movement and consciousness together. Find the gap between the thoughts to let go of habits and suffering. Become aware of the quiet, clear expanse in the gap. The mind is empty, without form, clear, without obstacles, and always aware.

NEW | Light Meditation for Young People

von Gerald Blomeyer | 12:22 | First we relax body and mind with the breath. This is followed by the visualisation of light. The light flows over and through the body helping to let go of worries and fears. The deep relaxation lowers stress and anxiety creating a basis for self-confidence.

Balancing Being and Doing

von Gerald Blomeyer | 16:17 | We are both connected with everything that is, and an independent individual. In this insightful and comforting practice, we will surrender into the state of merely being, and engage in a practice of open awareness. In this practice, we will learn to move at will between being wide open to all that is around us, and becoming grounded within, harnessing a strong inner focus.

Letting go into clarity

von Gerald Blomeyer | 13:37 | By relying on thinking, we experience ourselves as being separate from others. By feeling the stillness in your heart you can experience “just being”, a spacious, timeless field connecting everything. It allows all the stories and ideas, the fantasies and fears to be present, without having to follow them. Surrendering to this inherent peace is letting go into clarity.

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